Company Overview

United Communities Against Poverty (UCAP) was established in 1964 and was designated as the official Community Action Agency for Prince George’s County, Maryland in 1978.  UCAP, a nonprofit 501(c) (3), is the leading advocate for communities of people facing deficiencies in education, affordable housing, economic stability, and adequate health care access.  UCAP is dedicated to providing sufficient services to individuals and families whose quality of life has been negatively impacted by poverty, unemployment, homelessness, crime, and inadequate public health services.

Through UCAP’s constant structured programming, the residents of Prince George’s County – including individual women as well as women with families – are able to achieve stabilization and become self–sufficient members of the greater community.

UCAP is the leading – and one of the largest – nonprofit organizations in Prince George’s County advocating and implementing programs and activities for communities and people facing social and economic hardships.  UCAP provides both academic and trade skills education, homelessness support and self–sufficiency services, affordable housing, financial literacy, economic opportunity, and access to adequate health care.

UCAP currently has a $3.1 million annual operating budget and employs a staff of approximately 50 persons.