Financial Literacy & Credit Counseling

Financial Literacy Education is important.   Increasingly, individuals are in charge of securing their own financial well–being.  As the safety net continues to fade, households must begin to make the most of their resources.   UCAP’s program seeks to move participants from beginner level behavior to intermediate and advanced.

Financial Literacy was added to UCAP’s list of services in 2009.  It consists of group and one–on–one counseling.  Group workshops consist of:

  1. Goal Setting;
  2. Credit;
  3. Credit Cards;
  4. Identity Theft;
  5. Wealth Building; and
  6. Predatory Practices.
  7. One–on–one counseling will be focused on the customer’s individual financial needs.
  8. A credit report will be reviewed and provided to the customer.


Credit Counseling

Our credit counseling sessions are both group and one–on–one.   Group workshops are offered once each month.

Credit group sessions will cover:

  • The Fair Credit Act,
  • The impact of credit on the individual/household,
  • Types of trade lines,
  • How to get a credit report from the three credit bureaus, and
  • General solutions for credit repair.

The one-on-one session is by appointment.  Customers will have a tri-merged report.

  • One-on-one sessions will be specifically dealing with identification of negative items such as: Collections,
  • Judgments and past due accounts,
  • Advising the customer on the best approach to resolutions,
  • Assistance with creditor letter writing/telephone calls, and
  • Financial management and budgeting.

The customer will fully understand their credit worthiness and how to improve their credit. Subsequent sessions – up to three – are expected.

Financial management group sessions are designed to instruct customers on how money works and family/individual financial planning including savings, investments, insurance and retirement.

To learn more about our Financial Literacy & Credit Counseling Program contact:

Renee Carroll, Supportive Housing Program Manager
301.322.5700 Ext 120 • Email:

Ashia Moultrie, Housing Counselor
301.322.5700 Ext. 109 • Email: