Mission Statement

Mission: To provide solutions to alleviate poverty in Prince George’s County’s diverse communities.

Vision: To eliminate poverty and maximize self-sufficiency in Prince George’s County.

Poverty continues to have a profound impact on the lives of American families.

The citizens of Prince George’s County are not exempt from the debilitating effects of inadequate resources.   Studies show that during the past months over four million Americans experienced homelessness.

The number of hungry and homeless people is rapidly growing as a result of job layoffs, lack of affordable housing, home foreclosures, lack of government (Federal, state and local) funding, and the persistent rise in food and gas prices (including oil to heat homes).   This unfortunate trend has increased the demand for services from organizations like UCAP.


We accomplish our mission by providing:

  • Comprehensive and supportive case management services that leads to self–sufficiency and economic stability for the homeless and those at risk of being homelessness
  • Emergency shelter case management program services that support residents with the tools needed to achieve and/or regain self–sufficiency and economic security
  • Child care and after school educational programs to children of shelter residents
  • Families with employable life skills, job training, readiness, placement and retention services
  • Emergency mortgage, rental and utility assistance
  • Financial literacy, credit, homeownership, and tenancy counseling services
  • Stabilizing and revitalizing of neighborhoods through the acquisition, rehabilitation and re–sale of vacant, abandoned and foreclosed homes
  • Affordable housing options to low– to moderate– income individuals and families through the sale of our low– to- moderate priced green rehabbed or reconstructed single–family detached homes
  • Sustained affordable housing for low- to moderate– income families through green energy weatherization and Green Star HVAC and appliance replacements
  • Advocacy and leadership for economic stabilization and revitalization efforts in communities that suffer from the conditions of poverty
  • Leadership of collaborative efforts that identify resources to create programs, services and activities to support quality of life and economic security for those in poverty
  • Advocacy for the social, housing and economic needs of underserved communities and groups that have barriers to self sufficiency and economic prosperity