Neighborhood Development

UCAP Neighborhood Development was established in 2012, providing Prince George’s County homeowner residents two new opportunities:

  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
  • Clean & Green Program (Weatherization)

The purpose of the Neighborhood Stablization Program (NSP) is to:

Stabilize communities that suffer from foreclosures, abandonment and vacant homes; and

The purpose of the Clean & Green Program (NSP) is to:

Provide green, affordable, healthy energy–efficient homes for low–to moderate–income homeowners.


Through the acquisition, rehabilitation and re–sale of foreclosed, abandoned, and vacant homes the Neighborhood Development Program will:

  • Attract new homeowners to revitalized communities
  • Improve property values and stabilize the tax base
  • Increase homeownership in low–income areas
  • Remove blighting influences and vacant structures

To learn more about our Neighborhood Stabilization and Revitalization Program and other Neighborhood Development Programs, or how you as a Developer, General Contractor or Realtor can partner with us, please contact us.

Jacquelyn Moore, Director of Neighborhood Development
301.322.5700 Ext. 112 • Email: