Post Purchase Program

Post Purchase counseling helps families to carry out the responsibilities of homeownership.

By reviewing home maintenance and repair issues, encouraging financial planning and money management, and explaining ways to avoid default and foreclosure, homeowners can maintain the home for the long term.


In addition, UCAP’s program seeks to:

  • Increase the homeowner’s level of financial literacy from beginner to intermediate or advanced;
  • Strategically move the homeowner to conserve energy and save the environment with emphasis on green behaviors, and
  • Promote community involvement which impacts quality of life issues such as the reduction of crime.

The Post Purchase Program consists of 6 group sessions and one–on–one counseling sessions. More one–on–one sessions will be provided if required.

Course titles are:

  • Home Maintenance & Repairs,
  • Financial Management,
  • Insurance,
  • Record Keeping,
  • Protecting your Investment and
  • Foreclosure Prevention

One–on–one counseling will focus on the credit and budgeting.

Group counseling will be for two hours once a week for six weeks.

There is a $100 fee for the Post-Purchase Program.   The fee is a modest one that covers the cost of taking the Program and books and materials.   This also insures that UCAP is able to continue to provide this low cost service to other Prince George’s County residents. 

To learn more about our Post–Purchase Program contact:

Renee Carroll, Supportive Housing Program Manager
301.322.5700 Ext. 120 • Email:

Ashia Moultrie, Housing Counselor
301.322.5700 Ext. 109 • Email: